Whatever Happened to Lily is the story of love and loss,
and reunions as we live in an age when it is possible to
reconnect, through the Internet.
Lynn Schneider Books
Welcome to my website and thanks for dropping by.

I write b
ooks about babyboomers. Stories about real people, who live lives we
can all
identify with, their friendships, relationships, and misunderstandings.
Sometimes called "boomer lit", it is aimed at those of us who grew up in the
sixties and seventies.

My books bring back the concept of romance, as it used to be back then, before
the age of sexting, rap music and e-dating.  A simpler time, when you could see a
movie that wasn't just a series of crash scenes and special effects, when you
didn't have to worry about someone stealing your identity, when you didn't even
have to lock your car.  

thought I'd bring back the idea of love, of marriage, of commitment and
relationships that are more than just physical contact.  Of course there's that too,
it is a part of all our lives, but without a deeper relationship it is meaningless, to a
lot of us anyway.  These books are for people who want a good story, characters
to care about, situations to identify with, and sometimes, a happy ending.
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Second Stories is the story of a friendship among four
men, and the women in their lives. Sometimes there can be
a second story, sometimes not.
Perigee Moon is the story of one man's struggle to put the
urban corporate lifestyle behind him and pursue a life of
serenity through spirituality.