Lynn Schneider Books
Until the night of the Perigee Moon when everything has gone wrong and
Luke makes choices of his own.

Abby, an old friend from high school comes back into his life and Luke finds
the friend, the lover, the soul mate he has craved only to be subjected to
Kate's unwillingness to let go. Luke must convince Kate that what they had
is over and convince Abby that what they have is right.
Perigee Moon
Dismayed at events occurring in his family and with
the world in general, Luke desires a different kind of
existence. Issues he has been unwilling to confront
become important enough that he realizes he must
make life-altering decisions, reconsider a variety of
things he thought he'd understood all along, and
revise the view of his own nature and place in the

Controlled by Kate, his constant companion since
childhood, he has been coerced into choices he
never expected to make, and a lifestyle he never
expected to live.