Lynn Schneider Books
Maybe the most interesting thing about my "bio" is that I don't really have one. I
don't have any awards, or contracts with publishing houses, or five star reviews
(except for a few on Amazon). I don't have letters after my name either, no English
degree, no Ivy League schools. I haven't worked as an editor, never published any

But I really, really like to read, and I like to read good stuff. I like serious women's
fiction, books that Oprah recommends, books either men or women would like, and
especially those books that have a slightly comic tone.

I have wanted to be a writer for about thirty years. Finally, after thinking about it for
a very long time, it seemed like the time had come to actually do something about
that. While I was writing my first novel, the idea for the second came to me. The two
stories were written in tandem, more or less.

I thought my first novel would be about friendship among women. Maybe it would
have been easier to write about women, but instead, I started with a friendship
among men. It appealed to me, the idea of men - and friendship.

The locations are real. I've lived in or near the cities where the books take place;
Olean, Buffalo, Rochester, Alfred
in New York, Clearwater, Florida and Columbus,

It's been a rewarding experience for me, writing and self-publishing my books. The
photography is mine, the sunset picture on Lily, and the wilted rosebud on Second
Stories. I learned a lot about writing, took many online classes, how to write sex
scenes, how to create great characters, how to write beautiful sentences, how to,
how to, how to. And I also learned how to design a book cover, and how to prepare
my files for print.

Since January of 2011 I have been blogging weekly over at
Lynn Schneider Books
about writing, or subjects of interest to my particular age group, or sometimes just
stuff that I think about, or that I experience, or that annoys me.